Barton Gilman is a law firm dedicated to protecting our clients and committed to delivering efficient and effective solutions to each legal problem we confront.

With decades of experience and more than 30 lawyers admitted to practice in seven states, Barton Gilman offers the depth of skill and knowledge to help clients solve their legal challenges. Clients always work with hands-on partners and associates, best-suited to handle their cases and working directly on their matters. This allows us to deftly handle cases and deliver the kind of value clients expect and deserve.

Barton Gilman has offices in Boston, Providence and New York, and has helped clients throughout the Northeast in a wide range of matters.


What Our Clients Say

I found everyone at Barton Gilman to be attentive, concerned, and respectful of my needs. It was a positive light during a negative experience.

The attorneys at Barton Gilman have always exhibited the highest degree of cooperation, knowledge, and integrity. Communication and phone/e-mail responses are prompt, and the defense of cases is a collaborative effort.

Barton Gilman maintains the utmost professionalism. They are accommodating and attentive to their clients’ needs, impeccably thorough in keeping clients informed, and personable.

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Putting a few simple legal documents in place to prepare your 18+ year old can take a mere hour with an attorney, at minimal cost, and can spare young adults and their parents potential heartache and financial turmoil down the road. Just as important, is making sure that mom and dad also have their legal documents up to...

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In general, child support obligations are determined by applying the parties’ respective gross monthly income, less certain mandatory deductions, into a formula and guidelines adopted pursuant to administrative order. However, what on its face appears to be a matter of straightforward arithmetic often devolves into a fiercely litigated issue. One such area of frequent litigation concerns the calculation...

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Eve J. Brown was recently quoted in the Law360 article “Monster Energy Living Up to Name in TM Suit, Judge Says.” The trademark infringement case between energy drink giant, Monster Energy, and craft root beer maker, Thunder Beast (Monster Energy Company v. Thunder Beast LLC et al., case number 5:18-cv-01367) in the U.S. District Court for the Central...

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