premises liability


For many years, clients from a broad spectrum of industries have turned to Barton Gilman attorneys for representation in cases involving premises liability. Our clients include several of the nation’s largest retailers with locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island; commercial and residential property owners; real estate holding companies and trusts; and, hospitals and nursing homes.

Barton Gilman attorneys have successfully defended businesses against claims of liability arising from the sale of alcoholic beverages, worksite accidents, negligent security claims, alleged exposure to lead paint and toxic substances, products liability, wrongful arrest and detention, falling merchandise, slip and falls, defamation, assault, contract disputes, and disputes with landlords and property managers

Some recent premises liability successes include:

  • Persuading the Massachusetts Appeals Court to uphold summary judgment for a commercial landlord against a worker claiming he was injured on leased property
  • Persuading Massachusetts trial court judges to grant numerous summary judgments involving a large department store chain
  • Persuading a Massachusetts trial court judge to rule that a movie theater owner was not deemed to have notice of an alleged slippery floor in its public restroom just by virtue of it normally making a restroom available to patrons
  • Obtaining a jury verdict for a national movie theater chain in a case alleging a failure to properly illuminate a handrail
  • Obtaining over 140 jury verdicts for a large department store chain in cases involving product liability, real estate disputes, falling merchandise, slip and falls, wrongful arrest, defamation, employment disputes
  • Resolving 99% of all matters referred to mediation involving a large department store chain