Borowitz Law Group, PLC
(formerly Borowitz & Goldsmith, PLC)

P.O. Box 70003
Louisville, KY 40270


Borowitz & Goldsmith, PLC formally closed its active operations on December 31, 2013.  Our firm will still legally exist for various going-forward business purposes, although we will no longer provide any further legal services to clients after that date.  Any active matters previously handled by our firm’s attorneys as of December 31, 2013 will be transitioned to other law firms.  If you had an active matter being handled by our firm as of that date, you should have already been contacted by our firm regarding your available choices and alternatives to finish the matter - these include continuing to use the attorney who was handling the matter for you at our firm, retaining other outside counsel to finish the matter or taking possession of your file and handling the matter yourself.

We have separately contracted and rented a large secure area for ongoing file storage for most of our firm’s closed and inactive files.  If you were a previous client of our firm and want to retrieve any closed or inactive files, we will be happy to cooperate with you to effectuate this removal process.  You may contact either of the firm’s current managers, D. Kevin Ryan ( or Sharon R. Handy (, regarding any issues or questions about any closed and inactive files, the transition of any active client matters to another law firm, any personnel questions, any issues regarding payments of client accounts receivable owed to our firm, any vendor or supplier issues, or any other ongoing business matters.  The telephone number to call for either of the current managers is (502) 584-7371.

Effective January 1, 2014, the formal name of Borowitz & Goldsmith, PLC changes to Borowitz Law Group, PLC, but the actual legal entity remains the same.  Please use our new post office box address for any future mailings to our firm.


Borowitz & Goldsmith, PLC was officially organized on January 1, 2005, when Borowitz & Goldsmith, a Kentucky general partnership (originally organized in 1973), was legally converted by its then-current four general partners into a Kentucky professional limited liability company.  We operated our law offices at 310 West Liberty Street, Suite 406, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202 through December 31, 1986.  We operated our law offices at 462 South Fourth Street, 1800 Meidinger Tower, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202 from January 1, 1987 through December 31, 2000.  We operated our law offices at 401 West Main Street, 1100 One Riverfront Plaza, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202 from January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2013.  Over the years, our law firm (initially the general partnership and later the professional limited liability company) has had several partners, members and managers.

Throughout our existence, Borowitz & Goldsmith has represented thousands of clients with many types of legal matters, from the simplest to the most complicated.  While we originally concentrated our practice on business and business-related client representation, over the years we expanded to become a more full-service law firm providing services to clients in many varied areas, such as:

            •          Corporate Practice

            •          Commercial Transactions and Finance

            •          Labor/Employment

            •          Employee Benefits/ERISA

            •          Divorce and Family Law

            •          Business and Non-Profit

            •          Personal Injury

            •          Wills, Trusts and Probate

            •          Estate Planning

            •          Real Estate

            •          Litigation and Appeals

            •          Tax Planning and Controversies

            •          Small Business Formation

                      Consumer Protection

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our dedicated professional and support staff that have helped us over these past 40 plus years.  And, we certainly want to thank the many clients we have represented and the many people who have referred their own family, friends and clients to us.



Borowitz Law Group, PLC,
P.O. Box 70003
Louisville, KY 40270